thank you

I call myself a writer. I’ve always written and hope to publish something some day. How else is anyone going to remember I was here? For most of my life, I was kind of forced to write in school. So that is where most of my writing came from. I was good at it though and it led me down the paths I have taken. But once you fall out of college and there is no one making you write, it becomes easy not to write (cause believe me it’s painful sometimes…which is why i avoid it). So there was a VERY long period where I didn’t write…anything. I would attempt journaling, then lose interest. I even took a writing workshop at some point…but that didn’t even kick start anything. Now suddenly I am writing a lot…almost every day at this point….and it seems to be that one of my better friends is who has led me back into this.

He recently moved half way across the country, and in order for me to keep up with him, I was forced into written conversations. And as soon as I had to start typing words instead of communicating verbally, the easier it was for me to put words down. And as I started to put words down…any words…the more words I needed to get out. And all of a sudden these words started to form ideas….and these ideas started to form projects….and now I write again.

So at this point, I just keep putting words down because I know at some point something will formulate that just may be important enough or relevant enough or at least okay for others to want to read. If and when that happens, I’ll be sure to thank the perosn that jump started the words in my head.

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