is this thing on?

The third day of February in Kansas provides nothing but cold, gray, dampness and a severe case of cabin fever, so I decided today was as good a day as any to try out this blogging thing. Besides I think my husband is tiring of my constant rambles. So….

My space of the planet is a college town in Kansas about 30 miles west of Kansas City. 10 AM on a Sunday morning finds me at a local Einstein Brothers as I wait for my newly purchased, iPod compatable car stereo to be installed.

Behind me is a table of two young guys and an older guy who (I’m pretty sure) is homeless…it looks like his belongings are in the suitcase he rolled in with. I cant tell if the young guys are homeless or just trying really hard to look that way. A fourth old guy (I’m assuming also homeless) joins them. His only concern for the day is how to get 4 blocks in the rain for cigarettes and how he’ll get money to purchase them. As they head out to the community center, I secretly wish my only concern of the day was how to get cigarettes.

Two college girls wander in, one of whom appears to be dressed for a night of partying. Based on the smudged, day old makeup, I’m assuming the outfit already witnessed a night of partying. I also assume at some point earlier that morning she took a walk of shame.

There is a young guy paying for his order who hasn’t taken his eyes off his cell phone since he came in the door. I find it fascinating that technology has turned us into a world of people occupying the same places but paying no attention to one another. I’m sure he couldn’t tell you how many people were in the restaurant or what any of them looked like. He certainly didn’t see me watching him.

As I’m getting ready to leave, a couple sits down next to me. She seems preppy…he seems pseudo-intellectual. She starts to read an article about Britany Spears…something about how the cost of paparazzi pictures has surged…and she has to ask what surge means. Ahhh, the institution of higher learning at its bes