the price we pay

I spent a lot of time thinking about the war this weekend. It kind of started because I watched a movie called In the Valley of Elah. Not so much a movie about the war but about how screwed up the kids are after coming home from war. Then on my Sunday morning run I passed driveways where the newspapers hadn’t been picked up yet, and the front page headline today was announcing how we have been in Iraq now for 5 years. And it made me sad. I certainly don’t understand all the reasons we need to do what we do in a country like Iraq. And maybe I don’t necessarily think its completely right. But I know that during my lifetime, those in power will always be men who don’t even come close to sharing the same views I do. I also know that most people don’t even think about the war at all any more. I listen to this radio show on my way home from work and the DJ starts his show everyday with the daily casualty count from Iraq and then gives the running total of deaths so far. Why aren’t all the news stations doing that? If those soldiers have to be over there living it every day, I think that its only fair we think about it every single day. I’m beginning to forget what its like to not be at war….and that really scares me.

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