who am i?

Last Saturday night we had a bunch of people over for the KU game. One of them was my husband’s best friend’s wife? I like her (shockingly) and so we always chat a lot when they come over, which isn’t often. So I’m not sure how the topic comes up, but we start talking about how I have taken up running. And of course the 5K I have just run also comes up. She looks at me and tells me that I am really brave to do something like that. Seriously? Brave? She thinks I’m brave? Brave is certainly not a word that I would use to describe myself. To me, this is something I wanted to do and knew I would regret if I didn’t. That’s normal, right? I guess maybe not according to her.

It’s just funny cause I get all caught up in my head that what I do is ordinary…that what I do doesn’t really matter…that what I do isn’t any better tahn anyone else. It just takes me by surprise when the things I do seem more extraordinary to someone else.

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