sunday morning worship

Without thinking about what day or time it was, I head out to run. It is a gorgeous morning, the first after months of rain, sleet and snow, and so I am kind of surprised to not see anyone out…anywhere. After about a mile, I suddenly realize it is Sunday morning…and I live in God country.

As I run down my newly extended route that is kicking my ass, I start to think about how different these god fearing people think I am. How I’m not as good or not as worthy. But while they spend their Sunday morning praying to their gods in their man made houses of worship, I spend the morning outside worshipping what I believe was created by something other than us. As they sit in their pews and ask for forgiveness from above, I’m outside trying to find forgiveness within myself. While they are inside listening to what they think matters, I’m outside experiencing what I think matters. They see the beauty in the words that are spoken and in the promises of what lies ahead. I see the beauty in the visions of nature and the promises of here and now. They pray, I hope.

So don’t you dare tell me I don’t believe in anything.