musings from seattle

Kissing a girl may be taboo, but almost (accidentally) kissing a girl is funny.

Pizza out of town always tastes better.

$16 to get to the top of the space needle is not worth it…thanks Ant.

Standing in the cold for 30 minutes to wait for a friend you haven’t seen forever is totally worth it.

In our minds EMP will always mean electro-magnetic pulse.

Drinking beer from a straw is not a good thing.

Getting lost in Seattle is easy to do…apparently you are always one turn too late.

It’s cold in April…and it sleets.

The unexpected is ALWAYS a good thing.

It’s fun to be bad (especially in dark places).

It’s hard to travel with new people…really hard.

Seattle BBQ sucks.

If the doorman says you can get in for half price if you are in fetish gear…you might want to run.

Leather, gas masks, sex swings, strap-ons and female condoms at 2:00 in the morning are interesting.

Some people just aren’t multi-taskers.

Chim’s kids are cute.

Just because you are at a white tablecloth restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t feed the birds.

It’s okay to be sad on vacation.

It’s not okay to yell at your friends on vacation….but they do forgive you.

Cigars are bad…I’m convinced my left lung will never be the same (thanks guys).

Catching up with old friends is really, really good.

Leaving sad but with great memories for a lifetime is perfect.

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