tuesday night trouble

The original plan is to go see my friend perform some of his songs at open mike night at the local comedy club. I have another friend (good friend) in town for the evening with concert plans across town. I’m going to the comedy club. I’m meeting people for dinner then having drinks and enjoying open mike. I’m going home after. I’m getting 8 hours of sleep.

Half way through the evening, the other friend proposes that if me and one of my co-workers are up for it, we should head across town and meet up with him and his friend after the concert. Ok…it has been a very long time since I have been spontaneous and every bone in my body says you can’t do this. Every bone says you are going to have to spend the night with your co-worker and you have NOTHING with you to pull that off. But the “I used to hang out back stage with my friend’s band” side of me, the “I used to kiss a lot of boys” side of me, the “I want to dance till dawn” side of me emerges and I go.

And holy crap is it worth it. I wind up downtown in a bar I’ve never been in, in the new district I didn’t think I’d get to see cause it is completely not my husband’s scene, listening to good music, dancing like I never get to, flirting, laughing, dancing with a girl, singing at the top of my lungs, holding on tighter than I should, feeling myself spin out of control, running after my friend who has my shoes, eating pizza at 2 AM, misbehaving, sleeping on a couch in someone else’s clothes, and going to work the next day 2 hours late and commando.

God damn it feels good to be alive.

i think im old

I got invited to a party by our new associate art director at work and at first i wasn’t going to go. She’s much younger than I am, I don’t have a lot in common with her and I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a house party. But the more I think about it, the more I realize my husband and I have become boring. I used to go out all the time….I don’t have kids. So I guilt my husband into going.

So the party is fine, I drink some drinks…I meet some new people. But the interesting thing is the mix of people at this party. There is a group that the party organizer works with who are older. We are married, divorced, somewhere in between. Then there is a group of friends who are clearly closer to her age.

So a couple hours into the party these guys wander in. Young guys. Guys who are usually the center of attention. Guys who wear shirts that say “Just because I want to sleep with you doesn’t mean you’re good looking.” Well when they walk in, all the older crowd pay them no attention what so ever. I think that the t-shirt, the popped collars and the backwards ball caps screamed douche bags. The reallly interesting thing is they had no idea how to handle the situation. I start watching this one guy in particular cause he starts eyeing our group. He clearly wants to come over but has no idea how to infiltrate a group of older women…older women paying them no attention…older women who came with their own guy friends…older women who aren’t there to flirt with the boys. He wanders as close as the food bar right beside us then quickly backs off. I think it’s funny cause 10 years ago I would have been the intimidated. But now here’s this poor guy who is intimidated by the VERY loud women in the corner. After watching his approach and retreat for about 45 minutes I take pity and send my husband over to break the ice.

He winds up being a pretty cool guy.