wishful thinking

I’m proud of myself this morning. I get up on time, leave the house on time and expect to get to work a little early. Yea…I don’t think I’m meant to get to work on time anymore (thanks B for passing that on to me). Apparently they are doing construction they were not doing yesterday. How I am supposed to know to leave early if they don’t tell me about the new construction is beyond me.

So at this point I’m driving…okay creeping…along behind this biker. A real biker…not one of those RUBs (rich urban bikers). He is looking frustrated, switching lanes and and trying to see around cars. Before I know it he hops onto the shoulder and takes off. I think “damn what an ass…how does he figure he can do that just because he is on a motorcycle.”

Then, about a half mile ahead we pass under a bridge and there he is. He rode up under this bridge, parked his bike, got out a beverage and lit a cigarette. He was waving at us as us office drones passed by and damn how I wished I was him.

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