no looking back

I ran my 2nd 5K this morning…specifically, the 3rd Annual Watkins Museum Run for History. This morning was August 16 in KC and we are usually in the middle of a month long steam bath but with unusually cool weather right now it was actually just 62 degrees out as I got in my car at 5:55. I actually got to see the moon going down…it was kind of red and that was cool. It was quiet as I got into town. I live right outside a college town so while most of the time the town is alive, at 6:00 on a Saturday most of the kids have just fallen into bed…Saturday mornings are always eerily quiet. I don’t know any other runners that live close so I usually attend these things by myself. At least this time around I kind of knew what to expect.

The run was partly sponsored by The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and they started the race with a canon. I chose to run without my iPod this time around…it was so quiet I wanted to experience the morning instead of trapping myself in my head. The route had quite a few hills and we ran down a couple of the old bricked streets. I had a brief stand off with a squirrel. He tried to cross in front of me but I got too close before he passed so he froze. So then i stopped cause I though sure as shit if I try to run by him that close he was going to go up and over me. I could just see myself screaming with a squirrel on my head as the racers behind me passed. He finally decided I was safe enough and ran on by. I ran most of the way right beside this little old man…he was probably about 70. He would have to walk up the hills so I would pass him and then he would catch back up with me. I must have pulled ahead of him somewhere in the last mile cause I finished a little ways ahead of him. After the race I was standing around and he actually came up to me and told me “good run.”

I finished this time about 5 minutes faster than my last run and somewhere in the middle instead of at the end group. I actually finished along with a couple guys that looked like actual runners. Last time I finished with all the non-runner looking runners. I felt all proud of myself until one of the guys who ran the 10K instead of the 5 K finished the entire run just 3 minutes after me.

I’m not sure what motivates me to get my happy ass up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning to go run. It seems to be something deep inside. Maybe I’m trying to prove something. Or maybe I’m running from something or towards somethings..who knows. All I know is I can’t stop now.