I spent Sunday morning/afternoon running errands and doing some grocery shopping with the husband. Our grocery store trips go something like this. We decide on meals together but I make the list. Then once at the store I am only responsible for marking the items off the list as we pick stuff up. I think I have a pretty good memory and can keep track of about 25 different work projects all at once. But ask me to pick the brand of ketchup we use and I’ll pick it wrong every time. I’m not really allowed to man the cart either as I can’t steer one to save my life. So…seeing as how I am ONLY responsible for the list, I get to do a lot of people watching.

I usually come out of a grocery store trip with some good story. One time in February there was a young guy wearing a pirate eye patch. And don’t get me started on the frequent shoppers in their pajamas sitings…seriously put on some jeans.

On this particular Sunday I overhear a conversation that makes me a little sad. The parents are so young I’m surprised they even have kids and I am even more surprised they have one that is about 10. Apparently the girl has found a DVD that she wants. It’s not an expensive DVD…you can tell it’s off one of those $5.99 racks…it’s an older movie. By the time they pass me the mother is pretty aggravated and talking pretty loudly. Right as they pass me she tells the girl that she is not buying her the movie and asks her “what part of I don’t have enough money do you not understand?” I think to myself wow if you can’t buy a $5.99 DVD , you must be in a world of hurt and it makes me really sad. It also makes me bet that this family will probably not even vote on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure a family like that won’t benefit from any of the promises being made right now, regardless of the candidate. I also wonder what on earth is wrong with this place if families like that exist.

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