saving the planet, one beer bottle at a time

I live in a town that does not offer curb side recycling (just one of many reasons I think I was born into the wrong part of the country) and until just recently didn’t have much space to set up digs for my own recycling efforts. But after finally accepting the fact that I will never actually be able to park in my own garage, I figured why not use the space left for some good. I bought some tubs, laid out some organizational rules and started recycling. So now every two weeks when we visit the grocery store, we drag our recycling along. I now only make about one bag of actual trash a week.

The really cool thing about it though is driving up to the recycling center on Saturday and seeing it so packed I have to park across the street to get in the place. There are families with toddlers carrying their own little sacks of trash, teenagers who probably head up a recycling effort at a school somewhere, old guys who don’t know the difference between chip board and cardboard (but they are figuring it out), single guys with trunks full of nothing but beer bottles and old couples who can barely hobble up to the windows.

And while I can be ashamed that I just started this myself, it makes me feel good that each week the recycling center gets a little bit busier as a few more people start to care.

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