it’s been too long

I needed a jump start to get back here and i fell into one today. Looks like I haven’t posted since the middle of the year and I suppose that is about the time my year fell apart. I lost a lot of people this year and in turn lost my way. November helped a little with 50,000 words put down and enough miles ran for me to successfully complete a 1/2 marathon. So today I found the inspiration to get me back here. I like here. I think i might just make it a year of random here…I have a friend who loves random so it might work. Anyways…here’s my random for today.

I was walking into a movie theater alone…it was snowing. Walking out of the theater was a grandfather (who looked an awful lot like Santa) and grandmother. Each had a child in tow…one girl and one boy. The grandfather smiled at me as he passed. Right after that the little boy (maybe 5) says out of the blue, “I liked that movie. Thanks for taking us.” It made me smile unexpectedly.

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