the women we come from

Growing up, the women who raise you are the only role models you know. You have mothers or grandmothers (or both) you live with, who run your life, who show you how the world works. And you don’t know any better. You think what they show you is right…you assume their perspectives and opinions are what’s right…how it all works. You grow up into the woman you think you should be. Then you find yourself at 36 and you start to realize where you came from isn’t what you thought it was. These women didn’t have it all figured out. Much to your dismay they didn’t or don’t actually know what the hell they are doing. They were simply making it all up as they went…and they may have fucked it up along the way. And now you find yourself on a completely course from how their world played out and they no longer get you. You have found the independent person in yourself while they have never lived without a parent in the home. You have a lot more education and you now have conversations with them where they no longer know what you’re talking about. You argue a case and they point out how sometimes you just have to put up with shit. You sit in a parking lot defending why you don’t take shit off people and they give you stories of abuse and wrongdoings and tell you that yes you do have to take shit off people. And you look at them and go I don’t want to be that person who thinks they just have to take the shit…it can be different. And you suddenly realize the woman you came from is just a person…a person who never had it all figured out…a person you no longer want to be like.

coat fiasco

Mr. Grumpy Pants and Captain Energy seem to think they dont need to wear coats and its really starting to annoy me. My problem started when i bought them fleece jackets at walmart a few weeks ago. They were like $7.00. and while they were too light for more than a couple warm days last week i figured they can use all the coats they can get once they go back home.

So the day we gave them the fleece jackets it was near 60 and that was actually all i sent them to school in. But then the next day was 40 and windy so i told them they would have to wear coats. They wanted to wear the jackets again so i bargained. I told them they could layer…so if they wanted to wear a long sleeve t-shirt and the fleece I was cool with that. BUT they still had to wear a coat to school.

Easy enough right?

So the next morning i come downstairs and they are both wearing their fleece

so i say ok guys get your stuff…meaning bags, lunches, coats. Im get my stuff and turn around and they are both standing there with just their bags. Coats people…i need coats.

The next morning i come down and Captain Energy has on a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie and his fleece. Looks ridiculous. So i tell him he’s going to need to take one of those off. Why? Cause you have to wear a coat. I’m wearing a coat. Uh…no…youre wearing a ridiculous combination of jackets. My frind says this is my fault as after all I did say he could layer.

Morning 3…I get Captain Energy to put his coat on and i turn around and Mr. Grumpy Pants is standing by the door in just fleece. Seriously people. That morning i had enough and I told them that at no point from here on in will they NOT need a coat…and it has to be WORN. Some mornings they try to carry it to the car defeating the purpose as my car stays outside..duh!

Morning 4….Mr. Grumpy Pants winds up with his coat on but Captain Energy is standing there with no coat…holding his fleece…back pack on. So i tell him you need a coat. He proceeds to take his back pack off and pull out his coat…puts the coat on and then the back pack. He’s still holding his fleece. Im LATE at this point. So i say put the fleece on the couch. No i want to take it. Ok…if youre not wearing it then youre not just carrying it in…youll lose it between the car and the classroom. So he then proceeds to attempt to take the back pack off so he could take the coat off to put the fleece on and then put the coat back on and then the back pack. Uh…no. Fleece not on, it stays home! That morning i told them they have to have EVERYTHING on they are wearing to school when i come downstairs or you can’t take it.

This morning….Captain Energy is standing in the kitchen with his back pack on and JUST HIS FLEECE. I say…you need a coat. Im wearing a coat. NO YOURE NOT. Now I tell them we have gone over this for a week. A WEEK. Next time either of you pulls this the fleece is mine. Then I go…its 12 outside. 12!

between the lines

Somewhere over the course of the last year I have lost the ability to park correctly. I have been driving for 20 years at this point in my life and I’ve been parking all this time…parking correctly, between the lines. But for reasons unknown to myself about 75% of the time I now do a bang up job on the parking and get no where near to being in the lines. I cant for the life of me figure out where or how I lost this skill. But I do know that backing out and trying to fix it never helps as I do not have ANY backing up skills…never have. Don’t worry though if you find yourself in the same parking lot as me…if I have two cars to actually pull in between, I’m rockstar. I won’t hit you…unless I’m in reverse…then you might want to avoid me!

cube land theft

My Diet Dr. Pepper was stolen today. I sat it next to my cup in the kitchen while I went to the restroom. It was 10:00 AM and it was my morning routine of getting out of the confines of my cube. I came back and the cup was there but the Diet Dr. Pepper was gone. How did someone not know that it wasn’t theirs to take? They have to know they didn’t take it into the kitchen. And they have to know that the company is not prone to offering free beverage in the way of random cans left in the kitchen. So why on earth would you just pick up a can of Diet Dr. Pepper that wasnt yours and think it was ok?

Two days later a fellow employee’s creamer goes missing out of the same kitchen. She had her coffee cup and a jar of creamer sitting on the counter while she also ran to the restroom. She comes back and the coffee mug is there but no creamer. Now…you REALLY have to know that the creamer is not yours. This time, even if you were confused and thought perhaps the company had supplied the creamer…its not yours to take. It would have been for the employees to share. She sent out an email in search of the creamer…it never showed back up.

Later that week we heard someone had bought a fellow employee a box of Klondike bars for his birthday. Put them in the freezer for him and his co-workers to enjoy later that day. When they went to retrieve said Klondike bars, the box had been opened and one was missing. Ok, really…who does that? You KNOW you didnt buy the damn Klondike bars.

At this point complaints are submitted to our main administrative assistant (or in this case babysitter) and an email goes out telling people to stop stealing. And I’m sure she cursed at us as she typed it. This may be cube world people but respect other people’s belongings. If you didn’t buy it, it’s not yours to have.

ground hog day #345

Captain Energy and Mr. Grumpy Pants had well doctor checks last week and Captain Energy wound up with strep. After hours at the doctor and a trip to Dillons for medicine the husband and the boys roll home. Captain Energy tells me that neither of them brought home slips that day.

I looked at him and said “you didn’t bring home a slip but you brought home strep.” He looks at me and says “I have strep?!?”

favorite 5 of the week

1. Hearing the giggles pouring out their bedroom window as I walked up the driveway after my run.

2. Make a friend nearly spit coffee out on his computer Tuesday morning.

3. Our waitress Friday night accidentally forgetting to put 4 of our drinks on the bill. She got herself a nice fat tip.

4. Yoga on a Saturday morning and lunch at the Merc.

5. Captain Energy and Mr. Grumpy Pant’s Wii characters. Mr. Grumpy pants went with a mean looking african american with a hella afro while Captain Energy went with a Caucasian male with spiky hair.

silence is golden

Due to unforeseen circumstances I found some space in my life by choosing to limit communications with a few different people. At the time it stressed me out that it had come to that point. But a couple days later I had a couple of really great days which have since turned into a really great weekend….and I suddenly realized that these people were the ones causing a lot of the turmoil in my life. It was their constant calls and their problems and there stupidity about how they lead their lives that had been occupying my time and making me crazy. I have a friend that spends a lot of time under a rock….its quiet there. And I’ve decided to join him there for a while. I’ve always been a fan of small intimate gatherings…I’m gonna leave it at that for now.

ground hog day #234

Transport for Captain Energy and Mr. Grumpy Pants fell through a couple weeks ago and we had to help out with pick up after their visit with mom. Mom lives in Topeka and its always around dinner time on Saturdays they have to be picked up. So on our way back through Lawrence we stopped for dinner at Quizno’s. Kids eat free and they always get prizes with dinner so it works out. We ate there and then headed home. It was nice out so we let them work off some energy riding bikes before we came in to start a movie. I was in the kitchen fixing drinks and Captain Energy wanders in and asks me “Did we eat dinner yet?”

Really with that?