friday’s new

Today I learned something from someone unexpected. I discovered that if you own a string of pearls, they are strung with a knot in between each pearl. This is done for two reasons. First, if the pearls are allowed to rub against each other over a long period of time they will begin to wear down. Second, if your necklace should break, all the pearls will not slide off. The string will just break but you don’t risk losing a pearl.

sunday’s new

I discovered the corporation behind the yellow ‘planet aid’ clothes drop boxes actually re-sell the clothes and then use the profits to help communities in Africa and Asia.

On the way to learning this, I also discovered that while i try really hard not to be a pack rat, i unabashedly am one . I delivered 5 trash bags of old clothes to my local drop off and threw away so much old jewelry it filled half a shopping bag from Macy’s.

something new

I have been known to be a fan of a project or challenge if you will. And while I have actually attempted this project a couple times I thought I might try it again. So…I have heard if you pay enough attention, you actually learn something new every day. I thought what the hell I’ll give it a go since I actually learned something new today. So along with the random my friend is so fond of, we are going to attempt 365 days of something new. Here’s my first:

Today I learned that the legal drinking age was 18 through 1984. I had not realized it was that recent.