just add water

Captain Energy has decided he wants my husband to wash him on bath nights instead of me. The husband is a little more laid back in all tasks and so often times both boys take advantage of the situation. Captain Energy requests the husband again last night so I wander into our bathroom to wash my face…they were in the bathroom on the other side of the wall. Apparently no more than 5 seconds after my husband enters the bathroom Captain Energy decides to stand up and then proceeds to lose his balance. He hits the wall so hard i think he’s coming through the wall and then based on my husband’s response displaces over half the water in the tub onto the floor, wall and ceiling. After he confirms Captain Energy is ok it gets pretty quiet as the husband explains to him how he’s worked all day and doesn’t want extra unnecessary work like cleaning up the pond that now exists in our bathroom. And because Captain Energy comes from a background of the non-working there is then a conversation about what work is, why we work and what it pays for….including the water that is now on the floor. I’m sure most of the message was lost as soon as the door opened and Captain Energy was on to the next one.

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