don’t mess with chad

I am still fairly new at dropping the kids off at school in the morning and I’ll have to be honest…until just recently it made me nervous every morning. Apparently there is a drop off “dance” that one has to assume and there is one very small man who orchestrates this dance every morning. His name is Chad (I’ve now determined), he stands out front of the school every morning and you don’t want to cross Chad. Chad is about my height and can’t weigh much more than me, but he has pretty clear ideas about how this dance is supposed to go and he is not afraid to call you out when you mess this dance up. Unfortunately for me…no one told me about this dance. So it took me a couple weeks to determine what would get me in trouble as I drop off the kids.

One of the first days I got in trouble because i was too slow in letting the boys out. The cars in front of me had pulled away and I wasn’t empty yet to pull up. I got the frantic wave on from Chad before my back door was even shut. The next time i got in trouble b/c as I passed Chad to drive away the car in front of me stopped. This car was already past him so he thought I was stopping and I again got the hurry up wave on…until i pointed at the car that had caused the back up…then he felt stupid.

At this point I was now determined to not get in trouble again. So I started paying attention to what got people in trouble. I determined how far i was supposed to pull up and when to wait to unload if I already had cars unloading in front of me as I pulled up. The boys play along and are always ready to go as I unlock the door and move quickly to avoid us getting yelled at for holding things up.

Now the fun part is watching all the other cars get in trouble. Our most recent episode saw two cars get in trouble on the same morning. When we pulled up there were already 4 cars there unloading so I knew we needed to wait to unload so as not to hold anything up. We were sitting in line and car #2 gets done before car #1 and proceeds to pull out and around car #1. Before we knew it Chad was out in the drive in front of this Ford F-its so big its tires are bigger than my car-truck and throws his hand out to stop it. I go ‘oh oh’ and the boys start giggling. Chad lets them move on after car #1 finishes and so now cars 1, 2, and 3 pull away. The car in front of me has also waited to drop off so now they pull up and I follow. However, now this car doesn’t pull around the curve far enough and they start getting the frantic wave on from Chad. I go ‘good god, now they’re in trouble’ and the boys are rolling at this point. We some how made it through without any trouble that morning.

I have since met Chad when I dropped off b-day treats last week and he is very nice. I also think i caught some leniency as he is a runner and I have a running sticker in my car window. But you definitely don’t want to piss off Chad at drop off.

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