between the lines

Somewhere over the course of the last year I have lost the ability to park correctly. I have been driving for 20 years at this point in my life and I’ve been parking all this time…parking correctly, between the lines. But for reasons unknown to myself about 75% of the time I now do a bang up job on the parking and get no where near to being in the lines. I cant for the life of me figure out where or how I lost this skill. But I do know that backing out and trying to fix it never helps as I do not have ANY backing up skills…never have. Don’t worry though if you find yourself in the same parking lot as me…if I have two cars to actually pull in between, I’m rockstar. I won’t hit you…unless I’m in reverse…then you might want to avoid me!

cube land theft

My Diet Dr. Pepper was stolen today. I sat it next to my cup in the kitchen while I went to the restroom. It was 10:00 AM and it was my morning routine of getting out of the confines of my cube. I came back and the cup was there but the Diet Dr. Pepper was gone. How did someone not know that it wasn’t theirs to take? They have to know they didn’t take it into the kitchen. And they have to know that the company is not prone to offering free beverage in the way of random cans left in the kitchen. So why on earth would you just pick up a can of Diet Dr. Pepper that wasnt yours and think it was ok?

Two days later a fellow employee’s creamer goes missing out of the same kitchen. She had her coffee cup and a jar of creamer sitting on the counter while she also ran to the restroom. She comes back and the coffee mug is there but no creamer. Now…you REALLY have to know that the creamer is not yours. This time, even if you were confused and thought perhaps the company had supplied the creamer…its not yours to take. It would have been for the employees to share. She sent out an email in search of the creamer…it never showed back up.

Later that week we heard someone had bought a fellow employee a box of Klondike bars for his birthday. Put them in the freezer for him and his co-workers to enjoy later that day. When they went to retrieve said Klondike bars, the box had been opened and one was missing. Ok, really…who does that? You KNOW you didnt buy the damn Klondike bars.

At this point complaints are submitted to our main administrative assistant (or in this case babysitter) and an email goes out telling people to stop stealing. And I’m sure she cursed at us as she typed it. This may be cube world people but respect other people’s belongings. If you didn’t buy it, it’s not yours to have.