shut it down – it doesn’t conform

The show is called Skins and MTV is under fire….yet again. In case you haven’t heard, its a racy, provocative show about teens and sex and drugs and the Parents Television Council is crying that its child pornography.

This isn’t the first show or the last show parents or people in general will have issues with but it amazes me every time. The fact of the matter is the show isn’t showing anything or talking about anything that isn’t already happening with teens. The teens are drinking and the teens are having sex and yes they are doing drugs. Always have been and probably always will. I had classmates die in high school from drug overdoses and drinking and driving…I had pregnant girls in my senior class. But for some reason its not acceptable to talk about…if we hide it, maybe it will go away.

But its not going to. And maybe, just maybe a show like this could be seen as an opportunity to talk about these things. As a parent, you should know what your kid is watching…if you don’t, shame on you. Either make sure your kid isn’t watching this show (my parents didn’t allow MTV in the house until I was in high school) or watch it with them…and discuss. Discuss the pitfalls of said behaviors, discuss how to avoid it, and please discuss how to protect oneself when it does happen.

The Council is also screaming about how MTV is just looking for viewership through sensationalism and how they seem to have gotten it. Well…yea, because everyone is talking about it. MTV pushes buttons and walks lines and stirs the pot…they always have. But its the people TALKING about it that give them what they want. If no one is talking about it…fewer people see the show. People are watching it now because of the uproar…that’s why I checked it out.

If MTV follows the rules (they have warnings up before the show) and makes sure what they put on TV follows the guidelines for their network then you can’t tell them they can’t air the show. That goes against freedom of speech. So instead of trying to get the show off the air…maybe, just maybe we start talking about parents taking responsibility for what their kids watch and what their kids do. The problem doesn’t lie within this show…it doesn’t lie within any show or book or video game…it never has. I suppose its just easier to go after those external factors instead of addressing where the problems actually start.

bad news billy

He sits on the other side of my cube wall and his name is Billy…and his story is always JUST a little worse than yours. Billy also talks very loudly (as I think he is proud of his opinions and the way each day seems to kick him when he’s down) and so its hard to miss what Billy has to say.

Just recently the day after a huge snowfall kept half the workers at home, Billy shows back up at work and joins the discussion of did you make it in easier today. Of course Billy didn’t make it in easier. While he admitted the snow was plowed, Billy encountered a truck that kicked up some rocks which subsequently cracked his windshield.

Other poor Billy moments:

Billy’s electricity goes off and he has to rush home b/c clearly the wife can not move his child to a different, warmer location.

Billy is allergic to dust…but insists on dusting his cube every Monday and then proceeds to complain b/c he can’t breathe after kicking up the dust.

Billy’s mother-in-law doesn’t like his cooking.

And the best one in my book…Billy wishes people would stop pretending to be gay and then raising kids who of course wind up gay and muck up his world (this opinion is not shared by this writer…only Billy).

dogs on the loose & a call to 911

I stayed home from work on Thursday.  It was cold and the bridges sucked and I just didn’t want go.  All was well until I went downstairs to gather food for lunch (which in my kitchen really just involves looking through y frozen and leftovers options…maybe its more foraging) and heard this very faint beeping.  The dogs had followed me downstairs and as I opened the back door I could hear the beeping better now.  The dogs ran out and I decided to go check out front to see if I could determine where the sound was coming from.

Just as I made it to my front window to look out front I see the ass end of one of my dogs disappearing around the garage.  Holy shit, my gate had blown open.  I knew I had a small window before they were too far to successfully corral them so I bolted out my front door in just socks, pajama pants and a hoodie…did I mention there was snow on the ground? I hollered at dog #1 and she came right back.  But dog #2 (new guy) was no where to be seen.  While I tried to get the damn taller-than-I am wood gate shut I proceeded to scream his name.  And thank god he came back around the corner.

One would think that was enough excitement for the day, but upon further investigation I determined the beeping was coming from my neighbor’s townhouse…which is connected to mine.  Now while some of you may have waited the situation out, I am fairly (ok the husband will say extremely) anxiety ridden and there was no way I was going to wait for smoke.  After all, smoke detectors don’t just go off, right?  So that’s right, I called 911. Minutes later this was the scene as I sat across the street in my car with dog #1 & dog #2.

There was no fire.  They determined one of his detectors must have gone bad and because they were hard wired together, activated them all.

I fully expected to be made fun of by the neighbor and the husband, but they both actually said I did the right thing by calling 911.  I just figured I’d want someone to do the same for me.

in lebron they trusted

Its been a while since Lebron James made his decision and left Cleveland to play for Miami. But I just watched a most fascinating people of 2010 special and he was one of the featured people. They showed clips of the angry fans and the burning of his jersey and I couldn’t help but think how ridiculous the whole thing was. All this guy did was get another job. I don’t care that what he does for a living is play a game….its still his job. He had outgrown the current job he had (like many of us do) and he needed to move on. As a “worker” he probably had goals (one being to win a championship ring) and he realized he needed to go elsewhere to reach that goal. I just find it interesting that because he is a worker who is also a super star, his job move was scrutinized on a national basis…and that is really unfortunate. If Sally in finance decides to move on to bigger and better things people wish her well and probably take her to lunch on her last day of work. Instead Cleveland wished him the WORST and burned his jersey. Shame on Cleveland for being poor sports.

holiday cheer…or im a holiday snob

My office always tries to be fairly festive for the holidays and while their thoughts are in the right place sometimes the fashion in which the money is spent irritates me. I always figure if people are willing to pony up some money why not try and use it for something useful….stocking food kitchens, adopting families, etc. My arguments always fall on deaf ears.

So this year the activities committee decided to take the money they have collected from us sorry saps who paid throughout the year for the privilege of wearing jeans and use it to buy us gifts for the holidays. They then wrap said gifts and on the day of our holiday lunch randomly draw names. You receive an email saying you won and you can come down to the board room to pick out a present.

The first round is drawn and surprisingly enough my name is drawn. So i wander down to the board room where there are 3 other girls also picking out gifts. One of the girls decides it will be more fun to open the gifts there….and it goes a little something like this.

Girl #1 gets a gift card to Planet Sub and some lottery tickets.

Girl #2 gets a $25 gift card to Quicktrip.

Girl #3 gets a box of 24 golf balls…sweet golf balls.

And I get a box of fudge.