holiday cheer…or im a holiday snob

My office always tries to be fairly festive for the holidays and while their thoughts are in the right place sometimes the fashion in which the money is spent irritates me. I always figure if people are willing to pony up some money why not try and use it for something useful….stocking food kitchens, adopting families, etc. My arguments always fall on deaf ears.

So this year the activities committee decided to take the money they have collected from us sorry saps who paid throughout the year for the privilege of wearing jeans and use it to buy us gifts for the holidays. They then wrap said gifts and on the day of our holiday lunch randomly draw names. You receive an email saying you won and you can come down to the board room to pick out a present.

The first round is drawn and surprisingly enough my name is drawn. So i wander down to the board room where there are 3 other girls also picking out gifts. One of the girls decides it will be more fun to open the gifts there….and it goes a little something like this.

Girl #1 gets a gift card to Planet Sub and some lottery tickets.

Girl #2 gets a $25 gift card to Quicktrip.

Girl #3 gets a box of 24 golf balls…sweet golf balls.

And I get a box of fudge.

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