dogs on the loose & a call to 911

I stayed home from work on Thursday.  It was cold and the bridges sucked and I just didn’t want go.  All was well until I went downstairs to gather food for lunch (which in my kitchen really just involves looking through y frozen and leftovers options…maybe its more foraging) and heard this very faint beeping.  The dogs had followed me downstairs and as I opened the back door I could hear the beeping better now.  The dogs ran out and I decided to go check out front to see if I could determine where the sound was coming from.

Just as I made it to my front window to look out front I see the ass end of one of my dogs disappearing around the garage.  Holy shit, my gate had blown open.  I knew I had a small window before they were too far to successfully corral them so I bolted out my front door in just socks, pajama pants and a hoodie…did I mention there was snow on the ground? I hollered at dog #1 and she came right back.  But dog #2 (new guy) was no where to be seen.  While I tried to get the damn taller-than-I am wood gate shut I proceeded to scream his name.  And thank god he came back around the corner.

One would think that was enough excitement for the day, but upon further investigation I determined the beeping was coming from my neighbor’s townhouse…which is connected to mine.  Now while some of you may have waited the situation out, I am fairly (ok the husband will say extremely) anxiety ridden and there was no way I was going to wait for smoke.  After all, smoke detectors don’t just go off, right?  So that’s right, I called 911. Minutes later this was the scene as I sat across the street in my car with dog #1 & dog #2.

There was no fire.  They determined one of his detectors must have gone bad and because they were hard wired together, activated them all.

I fully expected to be made fun of by the neighbor and the husband, but they both actually said I did the right thing by calling 911.  I just figured I’d want someone to do the same for me.

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