shut it down – it doesn’t conform

The show is called Skins and MTV is under fire….yet again. In case you haven’t heard, its a racy, provocative show about teens and sex and drugs and the Parents Television Council is crying that its child pornography.

This isn’t the first show or the last show parents or people in general will have issues with but it amazes me every time. The fact of the matter is the show isn’t showing anything or talking about anything that isn’t already happening with teens. The teens are drinking and the teens are having sex and yes they are doing drugs. Always have been and probably always will. I had classmates die in high school from drug overdoses and drinking and driving…I had pregnant girls in my senior class. But for some reason its not acceptable to talk about…if we hide it, maybe it will go away.

But its not going to. And maybe, just maybe a show like this could be seen as an opportunity to talk about these things. As a parent, you should know what your kid is watching…if you don’t, shame on you. Either make sure your kid isn’t watching this show (my parents didn’t allow MTV in the house until I was in high school) or watch it with them…and discuss. Discuss the pitfalls of said behaviors, discuss how to avoid it, and please discuss how to protect oneself when it does happen.

The Council is also screaming about how MTV is just looking for viewership through sensationalism and how they seem to have gotten it. Well…yea, because everyone is talking about it. MTV pushes buttons and walks lines and stirs the pot…they always have. But its the people TALKING about it that give them what they want. If no one is talking about it…fewer people see the show. People are watching it now because of the uproar…that’s why I checked it out.

If MTV follows the rules (they have warnings up before the show) and makes sure what they put on TV follows the guidelines for their network then you can’t tell them they can’t air the show. That goes against freedom of speech. So instead of trying to get the show off the air…maybe, just maybe we start talking about parents taking responsibility for what their kids watch and what their kids do. The problem doesn’t lie within this show…it doesn’t lie within any show or book or video game…it never has. I suppose its just easier to go after those external factors instead of addressing where the problems actually start.

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