don chilitos…no me gusto….burp

I have somehow gotten through 37 years of my life without eating at don chilitos in mission.  I’ve heard it mentioned often but was never even really sure where it was located.  Well now I work within walking distance of it and today met a bunch of former co-workers there for lunch.  It went a little something like this:

I walk in and my first shock is its an order and pay before you sit down and eat kinda place.  Not only is it that, its almost cafeteria style service.  No big deal, but I do have to hustle to figure out what i want as there are only two guys in front of me and they have clearly done this before.

So I approach the counter and pick up my tray which i quickly discover is sticky.  So now I’M sticky and wondering where exactly I can wipe my hand.  I have to abandon this project though as I’m asked what i want and then of course am told my chicken option will cost me more….damn my turketarian ways.  Much to my dismay i receive my order within about 30 seconds.  Should one really be able to get a full mexican platter in that short amount of time?

I move up to the register where i now can pick up a cup for beverage.  The cups for beverages look exactly like the Styrofoam cups you get at a gas station…and i wonder if they didn’t just raid the local kwik shop for cups.

While I wait to pay i notice a basket of desserts that says cash only.  At this point I think two things….shit i hope its just the desserts that are cash only (which it was) and I’m pretty sure those desserts had been there since the beginning of time.

Now I head to the booth my friends already occupy and pass the pit-o-tortilla chips.  It’s clearly a help yourself to chips and salsa deal and it makes me shudder as I think of how many hands have probably been in said pit.  I then spend the rest of lunch trying to nonchalantly avoid the chips and salsa at OUR table.

After starting my way through my three tacos I realize I did not eat nearly as fast as I should have when I get to my third taco.  It is so soggy I wind up having to eat it with my fork.  I also go through about 4 napkins and still managed to get grease on my pants.

So the company was great (I laughed so hard I cried…but don’t ask me what the ‘would you rather’ question was that provoked it…you’ll be me) I just didn’t love the food.

The funniest part is I had a pre-warning from a friend that the food was not so great.  Sometimes I think said friend has pretentious food preferences (sorry) and so i didn’t pay much attention.  What he SHOULD have told me was sweet jesus dont eat there.

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