adventures in mexico – part 1

The husband and I went to Mexico a few weeks ago. We traveled without phones or computers (yup, I had withdrawal) so I couldn’t blog as I went. And now there are too many stories for one blog…so you’re gonna get them in installments amongst my other random blogs.

We’ll start with airport adventures…

Our adventure began at KCI early Saturday morning. This was the first time the husband and I had traveled via air since all the TSA hoopla and I had also just read a blog post of Will Wheaton’s concerning his invasive (and maybe sueable) pat down he had received in the Seattle airport. So I was ready to see what all the talk was about. The two of us slid through security just fine but then proceeded to sit and watch the not so lucky. We never did determine WHY they were pulling certain people aside (im sure some would scream profiling) but we DID decide that the pat downs are indeed invasive. Pants were unbuttoned, shirts were untucked, the women were felt up over and under and in between everything, and there’s no way the TSA agents didn’t know exactly which way the guys hung after all was said and done. These travelers were at least owed dinner first…instead they simply gathered their shoes and belts and took what could only be considered the airport walk of shame.

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