favorite 5 of the week

1. A 3 day work week.

2. Getting my washer fixed for only $86.

3. Winning 4 rounds of golf and 4 buckets of balls at the raffle after the 5K I ran on Saturday.

4. A great lunch at Grinders followed by a fabulous one man show (Blank) down at the Fishtank Performance Studio in the Crossroads.

5. Liquid eyeliner.  (I have NO idea why i waited so long to try it.  But I tried it on the hottest friggin day of the year and its still on after 10 hours.)

I really DO run like a girl


My free shirt…and no we weren’t chased by a horse. Although it would have been very “running of the bulls” and maybe would have helped my case.

Today was the annual Eudora HorseThief 5K and because I’m a sucker for paying people to let me run with a group as I torture myself (it was also a fundraiser for the high school cross country team), I was out ready to run at 7 AM this morning.

Ive run a fair amount of races at this point in my running career ranging in size from 500 – 7500 people.  And while the larger runs used to intimidate the hell out of me, I actually prefer them now as its super easy to fade into the crowd.  Unfortunately for me, this run topped out at 350 and about 1/4 of the participants were high school runners.  Which means they will easily smoke ANYONE who isn’t 18.  So I had that to look forward to along with the realization that if I came in last, there was no hiding in this crowd.

As I stood around watching the pre-runners (the ones who circle the crowd b/c they like running further than the required distance) I see a little old man arrive who is moving at what you would call a speed walk.  You could tell by his gait he probably had suffered some injury or maybe endured a surgery that restricts him from actually full-on running.  I thought awesome…at least now I might not be last.

The race actually started with the coach firing off a gun (doesn’t get more small town than that) and we were off.  Now, Ive driven these very streets for the past 10 years, but until today did not realize what hilly fuckers they are when on foot.  That, accompanied with the sweet humidity and the complications of running as a girl on certain days (being a girl athlete sucks sometimes), brought me in at a sweet 35 minutes…actually about 5 minutes slower than I can usually pull off a 5K.  And for the record, I followed little old man the whole way and never could pull past that little speedy walker.  Nothing like feeling stellar about yourself before 8:30 on a Saturday.

So as I tried to walk off the post race head rush, I told myself its another one under my belt and they can’t all be great runs.  The pain was also lessened a little as I managed to win part of the raffle and score myself 4 buckets of balls and 4 9-hole rounds of golf at our local course.


the 4th

Here’s what you missed in a nut shell:

This much ammo

No wait…

More ammo

24 people who when not out on my driveway were packed into a space that was only about 600 square feet.  Good god I need a bigger house.

A tour of my upstairs for two 4 year olds.  Tyler exclaimed to Emily…this is Jeff and his Mom’s room.  I have NO idea why that child thinks I’m my husband’s mother.  No wait…maybe I do…see below picture.

This is what happens when you dont stick the Roman Candle in the ground where it belongs.

Maybe he should have used these:

Mya’s first 4th…and holding her while she slept was so much better than watching the fireworks.

A first time attender.  Ryan we were stupid happy to meet you…you’re welcome back any time.

And a furry, four legged, first time attender (not Ryan) who wore my dog out!!  Thanks Lindsay and Brian, she’s STILL tired!

The crazy


The fast one

Thanks everyone! 

favorite 5 of the week

I need to become more consistent here with these lists.  Last week was one of the harder week’s I’ve had in awhile so I thought why not start over here with a week which may be fairly impossible to find 5 favorites in.  So here goes:

1.  Having someone ask me to go to a meeting with them b/c they value my opinion instead of being disinvited b/c they think my opinions are a waste of their time and money.

2. I moved into my new office (although it seems the previous owner was a pack rat and it took me all week to clear out the crap…i know, i know, its supposed to be positive here, right?)

3. Lunch with two really great old friends.

4. Friday at 5:00 FINALLY arrived.

5. Planet Pit