the 4th

Here’s what you missed in a nut shell:

This much ammo

No wait…

More ammo

24 people who when not out on my driveway were packed into a space that was only about 600 square feet.  Good god I need a bigger house.

A tour of my upstairs for two 4 year olds.  Tyler exclaimed to Emily…this is Jeff and his Mom’s room.  I have NO idea why that child thinks I’m my husband’s mother.  No wait…maybe I do…see below picture.

This is what happens when you dont stick the Roman Candle in the ground where it belongs.

Maybe he should have used these:

Mya’s first 4th…and holding her while she slept was so much better than watching the fireworks.

A first time attender.  Ryan we were stupid happy to meet you…you’re welcome back any time.

And a furry, four legged, first time attender (not Ryan) who wore my dog out!!  Thanks Lindsay and Brian, she’s STILL tired!

The crazy


The fast one

Thanks everyone! 

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