mean girls

I work with what I would call a mean girl.  While she’s not my boss, she is A boss, a VP to be exact….and even better, the CEO’s sister.  I have discovered she likes to throw her weight around and unfortunately for me is currently throwing it around in my direction.  She seems to think her power gives her the right to reprimand me, tell me I need to manage in the same fashion she does and basically crap all over my parade.  And thats fine, if I had done something wrong or if I was bad at my job…but I’m not.  As a matter of fact, Im really good at it.  MY boss thinks I’m doing a great job.  My peers think I rock-and-roll.  And my employees think I have come in and picked up the mess the last supervisor left in an amazing amount of time.  So all this woman is doing is puffing her feathers and trying to intimidate me.  See, her style of supervising is micro-managing and scaring and making people cry.  And I think it pisses her off I can make people happy, have fun, NOT micro-manage and get better results.

Here’s my real problem though.  Why as one woman to another would you want to treat someone that way?  Currently, the company I work for has more women in management positions than men.  Why as a woman, knowing the struggles we still face in a male driven corporate world (trust me it still exists), would you not want to support each other.  Help each other be the best workers in our positions instead of trying to make others feel like shit?

Mean girls have existed since the beginning of time and I guess as a girl it’s just something I have to accept.  But just think about how much more we could accomplish if we stopped being so mean to each other and instead used that energy to get ahead and do good.

And now Ill step back off my soapbox.

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