happy birthday nikki

One of my good friends, Nikki, turned 50 last weekend and I was invited to the fabulous bash.  Nikki is a graphic artist and outside of work a super creative artist whose always making great gifts for people’s bdays.

While I also landed a creative gene, I got the short end of the stick and can only create words…and I’m always super jealous I don’t have the ability to create actual things for people. But this time around I figured maybe I’d give it a go and create something for her…even if it was just a bunch of words.

Then I had the great idea these words would be better spoken and some how convinced myself to read the words out loud to a house full of people.  I also commissioned another creative friend to organize the words on paper for me.

She asked me to post what I read…so along with an image of what my friend put together…here are 50 things I love about Nikki:

She is creative

& artistic.

A lady with an attitude

& a purveyor of some pretty bad ass baked goods.

She is a doting daughter,

attentive aunt

& devoted sister.

A genuine listener,

a fellow connoisseur of adult beverages…specifically vodka

& has a booming personality.

Is a movie maven

a music enthusiast

a hippy at heart.

She has an enormously kind heart

& is a shoulder to cry on.

She is one mean mama on the dance floor.

Is self made,

self sufficient

& a loyal friend.

But…one of the worst spellers I have EVER met

& ends most sentences with a question mark.

She is Howard’s hag,

a creator of some amazingly, magnificent treasures,

one foxy lady

& an accessory whore.

She is beautiful on the inside & out,

a food fanatic,


a lusty wench

& vertically challenged.

Will always, ALWAYS tell you what she thinks,

throws legendary Halloween parties

& a savior of small animals…just ask Willy.

She is compassionate,


a dirty girl,

a partaker of trouble,

a love maker

& a vixen.

Handles loss & change graciously

& rolls with the punches, no matter how hard they hit.

She is a punk rocker,

knows how to properly fly her freak flag,

is a sassy lady

& is inappropriate…in the best way possible.

She is fantastically funny,

cusses like a sailor,

is vivacious,

displays a lust for life

and is hands down the owner of the world’s most bodacious ta tas.

art by b. tuttle

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