high school reboot…a reunion in the making

For a week or so the online high school reunion crew posted a survey regarding dates for next year’s reunion.  And based on a whopping 20% response rate, they chose a date and a location.  And before you know it…that’s right…someone has a problem with the location.  The question is why are we having the reunion at a spot NOT in Olathe and therefore not supporting local businesses?  And while I honestly don’t give a shit, I’ll tell you the husband had the same question when I told him about it.  It’s a legitimate question and probably an important one when cities struggle as the economy sits tight in sucksville.  I think it may have made more sense to keep it in Olathe.

The defense was who wants to have it at the Holiday Inn and I say who cares where we have it?  Oh wait…status must still matter in JoCo…I forget.  There was also the defense that moving it out of Olathe kept the cost down and offered more perks.

Well…I then discovered the “lower cost” is $45 and Im not sure this qualifies as keeping the cost down.  My good friend just had his reunion and they sat at $20 a head.  I’m figuring the $45 will cover food, but I bet my ass it wont be anything I can eat being a non-red meat, pork, dairy eating gal.  I also bet the “perks” don’t include drinks.  Maybe I’ll follow suit with my friends idea, hit a liquor store on the way there and serve drinks out of the trunk of my car.

Besides I didn’t misbehave in high school…maybe I can make up some time here.  You come find me at the reunion; I’ll hook you up:)

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