in tebow we trust

I’m not a sports fan…and definitely not a football fan.  I’ll watch the occasional college basketball game, but thats about it.  The husband, however, is the complete opposite. Our television turns onto ESPN every damn time, I leave the room for one second and come back to some sports game and every morning while I stretch out my ever grumpy back, I am graced with SportsCenter.

So its no wonder I was eventually exposed to the Tebow phenomena.  What is a wonder though, is how fascinating the whole thing has become to me.  My fascination doesn’t reside in the fact this kid continued to pull out wins fourth quarter after fourth quarter but instead in everyone’s opinion about him and his beliefs.

The most interesting part to me though is the heat he takes for his faith in god, his faith that his fate is in someone else’s hands and his faith he will win.  Living in the heart of the bible belt, I am hit over the head almost daily with religion and faith and church and constantly reminded I don’t fit in because I don’t believe in all that god stuff.  But now, here’s this guy who IS relying on that way of thinking, and he’s taking heat for it.  I know what it is…its the fact he throws it in people’s faces.  He knows what he believes, he doesn’t waver, he has faith and because of this, he gets shit done.  And it pisses people off.

The really funny  thing here is I (the total non-believer) am totally envious of this guy.  Call it what you want, but he’s using the power of positive thinking.  And even though he specifically believes something outside of himself is going to help him, he believes…plain and simple.  And therefore, his team believes.  Instead of wondering HOW they are going to win, they go into the 4 quarter KNOWING they are going to win.  And however it is you get there, there’s a lot to say for that way of thinking.

I don’t have a faith based background and sometimes it makes my life really hard.  I wasn’t born in a church going, god believing household.  There was never this “higher power” to rely on.  There have been many times in my life where I thought if I had the luxury of believing in something larger than me, something that was in control of my future, I would have had an easier time.  But I don’t.  For me its just the power of positive thinking and sometimes its hard to find within yourself.

In the end, I think instead of bashing this poor kid and wishing him ill will, we should try to be more like him.  Regardless of what you believe in, it can’t hurt to live your life a little more like he does.  I had a fairly up and down year and ended it with a fairly good size disappointment.  But I keep on thinking about this kid and what he pulls off …just by believing.  And I think I might try to live 2012 with a little more positive thinking and just see what happens.

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