my life in green

This came out of a writing prompt I found online about finding green in your life.  Told you things might not always be cohesive…but they are words right?

Green dumpsters leering in the almost empty parking lot, lids open and the smell of decay wafting through the air. A green box of Skittles Sour shoved into a corner on my desk and long forgotten. The taunting green highway mile markers reminding me just how far I have to go. A green bottle of lotion offering lingering scents of citrus and summer. My khaki green knapsack stuffed with an entire day’s worth of my life.

48 hours of captain energy

We got an unexpected call Thursday night from Captain Energy.  He wanted to know if he could come hang out this weekend.  The dad situation has fallen back to a ‘not so good’ spot and his brother was headed to his old foster parents home for the weekend.  We figured Captain Energy doesn’t get a lot of one-on-one time and we were really just hanging at home while I worked, so the husband picked him up Friday night for the weekend.  Here are the highlights (some good…and some not so much so):

We picked up a couple movies and Wii games, one of which was Just Dance.  This child loves to dance.  After what I believe was 25 songs in a row (most of which he danced through with his pants practically on the ground) he turns to us and says “man, Ive really gotta poop.”

Real Steel wasn’t as bad as I expected and was a kid favorite.  It was watched almost entirely with him on his knees just feet away from the television…even though you can see our TV from outer space.

During our grocery store trip, he asked for about 75 things we didn’t need and managed to run over the husband twice with the cart.

For dinner Saturday, we made individual mini pizzas.  We let the man put together his own pizza and he tells us “cool, Ive never done this before.”

During the KU/MU game he screamed ‘cheaters’ at MU players and then proceeded to call them ugly tigers.

He managed to shoot a very small toy behind the television which prompted a flashlight search.  He then proceeded to shoot it into the kitchen.  The husband says, “dude you’re going to lose it again.”  Captain Energy then screams from the kitchen, “can you come help me find it?”  Right as I think the husband’s head is going to pop off, Captain Energy screams, “Just kidding.”  It made me snort.

Sunday morning we decide we should probably bathe him as he has danced and subsequently sweated for more hours than I remember.  He wants to take a bath so the husband gets him in as I head out to run.  I get back 30 minutes later and he’s still in the tub.  I ask the husband if he’s checked on him and he confirms he has.  Apparently “checking on” did not include opening the door because 2 minutes later we discover water dripping out of a light in the bathroom under the bathroom he’s in.  We’re pretty sure 3/4 of the water originally in the tub was displaced to the floor.  We have a sweet water spot on the ceiling now.

I head in to shower minutes after that clean up and before I can even turn the water on I hear the husband scream, “what the hell are you doing?”  I come downstairs to find an entire glass of pop spreading over and off of the kitchen counter.  Another clean up and a shower (finally) later, I find the husband in the bedroom closet.  He tells me he has left the child at the kitchen table and then says “while he should have everything he needs I can not guarantee the kitchen will still be there when we go downstairs.”  He was pretty sure we were going to find Captain Energy sitting at the table eating but with soot on his face and his hair blown permanently back in an empty hole in the earth.

While we love, love him….good god I am always happy when its time for him to go home.