favorite 5 of the week

I owe you guys this last week’s:

1. Laughing until I cried in yoga class.  Just FYI fellas – even if you are a yoga fanatic, please just wear regular sports, working out shorts and not those yoga bloomer-diaper looking things.  They make us ladies laugh (and snort)…a lot.

2. A massage.

3. The husband doing the bi-weekly grocery store run without me.  Pretty stoked I wont see the inside of a grocery store for a whole month and the mickey mouse shaped cheese slices are awesome.

4. A Thursday night chat with my niece.  She can’t talk yet, but certainly knows there is someone on the other end of the phone and knows how to jabber.  She’s part Hampton…of course she has the gift of gab.

5. The Arboretum with the boys and the Baileys on Sunday morning.  That’s how we worship.

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