inside the asylum walls

Yesterday’s events:

My boss has decided she no longer wants to use her plush, high backed office chair.  She has instead demoted herself to a chair from our lunch table.  It has no wheels and certainly no height adjustments.  And so she currently sits at a level where her chest is level with her desk.  She now looks like a T-Rex when she types.

I head across the office for a bathroom break and from inside someones cube I see arms reach up holding a resistance band.  Up and down, up and down.  I literally turned in a circle looking for someone to share this sighting with.  I guess you get your exercise in where you can, huh?

At about 3:10 something emmited a noise that sounded like someone was killing a squirrel.

It was a weird, weird day in the asylum.

favorite 5 of the week

My 5 from last week:

1. Mr. Grumpy Pants called to let us know how great his report card was.

2. Sonic Happy Hour

3. Talking my phone company into giving me a phone for free…an awesome phone.

4. Sushi and The Hunger Games on a Friday night.

5.  The end of Ready Player One.  I think I liked this as much as I liked Snow Crash…and I’ve waited almost a decade for a book to top that one.

6. (Just b/c I can)  1000 words on a Sunday afternoon.  I think I may actually be writing a book at this point.

yoga musings

I love my Monday night yoga class for multiple reasons.  The main thing I love is its this great community I’ve spent 8 years becoming part of and its great to have a family like that.  A family away from my family who are happy to see me and always interested in what I have to say.  It’s comfortable and nice.  Every Monday is different…so tonight I bring you this week’s yoga class happenings.

New, super young, super fit, rock climber girl showed up tonight in these little booty shorts…and I was stupid envious of how awesome her legs looked.

Partner work is always awkward because it invariably involves me touching people in places I usually don’t on people I don’t know well.  Its even more awkward when your partner a local judge.

I rocked a headstand…got into and out of it without using the wall.  My instructor is so going to make me move away from the wall soon.  Which means I need to figure out how to fall gracefully.

And when all was said and done, I may have left with a little bit of equanimity.

inside the asylum walls

There are lots of recurring phrases uttered by upper management here but one of the most common ones is ‘I don’t know.’  In a meeting early this morning I think we hit an all time high.  In a 38 minute meeting the phrase was uttered 17 times.

The word whatchamacallit was also uttered along with the phrase ‘we are barking over the future.  I don’t even know what that means.

Happy Friday….I’m done.

kitchen fail #123

Tomorrow night (Saturday) I have a night out with a good friend lined up.  We’re gonna do some dinner/drinking at her house, see a show downtown and then I get to crash at her house.  I decide I can contribute to the food part by bringing Mark’s Beer Dip.  It’s super easy…4 ingredients you just mix together.  Right up my alley.

After a trip out for the ingredients, I decide I’ll make the dip tonight.  It can sit in the fridge over night and be good to go tomorrow afternoon.  The mistake here was I decided I would make the dip.

I tell the husband to let me make the dip real quick before we start the movie and…for reasons unknown…he lets me wander into the kitchen alone.

I unwrap the two blocks of cream cheese, dump in the package of cheese, the ranch dip mix and the beer the husband has measured out for me.  As I’m pouring the beer in the bowl he says, “its a whole beer, right?”

Me: “I guess. You’re the one who has made this before.”

The Husband: “I don’t remember, didn’t you look at the recipe?”

Me: “Nope.”

Only then do I pull out the recipe and discover it was HALF a beer.  So I now currently have a bowl of beer soup.  Great.

I still want it to chill over night, so I trudge up to the local market which is barely still open so I can double (and hopefully salvage) the recipe.

I get back and while trying to get the rest of the ingredients added, I knock over the hand mixer and get dip all over myself and the George Foreman Grill still out and dirty from last night (because I have yet to clean last night’s dishes).

The husband: “Just get out of the kitchen.”

I was banished to the living room with my drink and we now have enough beer dip to feed a small army.