yoga musings

I love my Monday night yoga class for multiple reasons.  The main thing I love is its this great community I’ve spent 8 years becoming part of and its great to have a family like that.  A family away from my family who are happy to see me and always interested in what I have to say.  It’s comfortable and nice.  Every Monday is different…so tonight I bring you this week’s yoga class happenings.

New, super young, super fit, rock climber girl showed up tonight in these little booty shorts…and I was stupid envious of how awesome her legs looked.

Partner work is always awkward because it invariably involves me touching people in places I usually don’t on people I don’t know well.  Its even more awkward when your partner a local judge.

I rocked a headstand…got into and out of it without using the wall.  My instructor is so going to make me move away from the wall soon.  Which means I need to figure out how to fall gracefully.

And when all was said and done, I may have left with a little bit of equanimity.

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