yoga mat monday

Not only do I love Monday nights because I get to spend 90 minutes practicing yoga, but also because I usually get a little bit of good conversation before class.  This week’s pre-class happenings turned old school.

It started on my drive to class when I passed a little girl on a bicycle carrying a transistor radio.  I kid you not, she was holding a little radio with an actual antenna and singing along as I passed her on the sidewalk.  I wanted a picture but surely would have freaked her out if I had stopped.

When I got to class, it was only fitting we started talking about new technology and what some of the older generation thinks about it all.  The conversation started when funny guy told my yoga teacher’s mom he saw a picture of her at her grandson’s graduation.

Yoga Teacher’s Mom: Where did you see said picture?

Funny Guy: Facebook

Yoga Teacher’s Mom:  Facebook?  Bleh…why am I on Facebook?

I laughed.

They talked about how invasive and pointless Facebook is.  Yoga Teacher’s Mom  says, “If I have spare time, I’m going to read a book.”  I thought that was a fair statement.  A fellow yoga man agreed with her sentiment calling himself antisocial and certainly uninterested in reminiscing about spelling class with schoolmates he hadn’t seen since 6th grade.

They then started comparing anti-technology stories.  I discovered yoga man is a dad but does not own a cell phone.  I also discovered yoga teacher’s mom doesn’t own a computer “or anything to do with a computer.”

Me: So you don’t have email?

Yoga Teacher’s Mom: Why on earth would I need email?!?  Then I’d just have to answer people.

It was refreshing to find there are still people out there holding out and holding onto a quieter way of living.  I was actually a little envious because I was sitting there knowing I was going to rush home and hop online to write about this.  As a writer and hopefully a soon-to-be small business founder, I am all about self promoting and unfortunately that involves being connected…everywhere.

But maybe something can be said for disconnecting.  I don’t have to be online to write.  And maybe I need to find more ways to spend face to face time with people beyond facebook, twitter and texting.  I know a few people who institute “technology free” nights and am beginning to think that might not be a bad idea.

While I might not be able to find a transistor radio, I could certainly find things to occupy an evening sans technology.

How do you escape?  Or do you?

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