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We are on a two week break in yoga and I’ve been meaning to post about this topic for a while now…

Our summer started out with three weekend trips down to my father-in-law’s lake house.  Him and his wife live on this little lake in the middle of Kansas in this little (and really awesome) house he built himself.  We usually only get down to the lake a couple times a year and often only stay for just a night.  But between Memorial Day weekend, a weekend of wedding vow renewals and a trip down with the boys, we spent 5 nights and 7 days over the course of 3 weeks.  And during this time, I had the privilege of getting to know this tiny little community a little bit better.

If you know anything about me, you know I have been talking for years about moving out of Kansas and the little town I call home.  I like cities and the west coast and everything that comes with these bigger, hipper areas.  But then I spend a weekend or two in a place like this small lake community, and I wonder if I would really fit in those bigger, impersonal places?

These people in this little lake community are some of the nicest people I think I have ever met.  They are retired couples and young couples just down on the weekends and families who have just decided a lake community is where they want to raise their kids.

Memorial Day weekend we hung out at the local outdoor community theater where a local cover band was playing, and I watched kids run carefree and happy like I used to run in the summers…almost 30 years ago.  They didn’t have their phones or their electronic games…they had balls and bubbles and homemade pie.  That night we attended a local fireworks display and chatted with one of the nicest ladies I’ve met recently.  She shared a little town history and a whole lot of good conversation.

The next weekend over 50 people attended my father-in-law’s vow renewals.  They brought food and gifts and great spirits.  And we had one of the coolest couples offer up their spare room so the husband and I had a bed to sleep in.  It was an evening of drinks and great, great conversation on the best screened in porch I’ve had the opportunity to hang out on.

The following weekend with the boys, we had docks and boats and tubing expeditions provided by people who hardly even know the boys.  But these people know how much these boys don’t have and would have done anything to provide a fun filled weekend for the two yahoos.

It’s been several weeks since we’ve been to the lake, but I keep thinking about that little community.  And when the movie theater violence erupted last week, and I began to once again lose hope in humanity, I thought of this community where the humanity is still good and caring.  And I began to think that living in such a little place might not be such a bad thing after all.

favorite 5 of the week

1. A Sunday with my niece

la la loopsy, 50 shades of grey, John Irving, KC Fringe Fest

2. Fringe Week with some GREAT friends.  Thanks ladies!

3. Delivering a work project a day early on short staff.

4. The reminder that no matter how many times I fail or fall just short, my husband always supports my quest for what I want.

5. Finishing the new John Irving book.  That’s right, I read something other than 50 Shades of Grey.  That one I’m boycotting.

yoga mat monday

high temperatures, heat, drought, tragedy

The flags are at half mast and the streets and sidewalks are empty because it’s too damn hot to venture outside. Temperatures have reached all time highs, the trash in the alleys has found new levels of decay and evil has morphed into a new level of insanity. Plants and grass are dying or already dead. One of my car’s tires keeps losing air and so on most days it looks as if it is literally melting into the scorching earth. The pools offer little relief and the movie theaters have become unsafe. My house looks like a cave on most days as I try to keep the heat out (and now the evil) out. You can’t move and you can’t (and don’t want to) think.

The Midwest is in a dark place right now and it becomes harder and harder to find that equanimity we are all looking for.