the unobservant husband

flowers, unobservant husband

Thursday after work I ran by Hy-Vee to pick up a few things we had forgotten at the store the previous weekend.  While I was there, I spontaneously found and added a great fall flower bouquet to my cart.  It had been a crappy week and I figured why not.  I beat the husband home so I put away the few food items, dug a vase out of a ‘too high to reach’ cabinet and got the flowers in some water.  Then I went about my business.  The husband eventually came home, we fixed dinner (and by we I mean the husband), watched some shows and went to bed.

I’m sitting in BRGR the next day around lunch time with some friends when I get a text from the husband:

The Husband:  Where did these flowers come from?

Me:  I bought them.  They were there last night.

The Husband:  Nuh-uh



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