the asylum

the asylum, work,

A building exists in a random city in the middle of nowhere.  Inside this building is a business.  A business with 50 employees.  A business making money and creating products.  Or so they want you to believe. This “business” is actually a social experiment. Employees are legitimately hired and paid. But what the employees don’t know is they are there for one man’s entertainment.  “Supervisors” and extra “employees” have been planted and “real” employees are subjected to beyond absurd situations.  Anyone who stays on board for 2 years will win $2 million.  No one has lasted that long.  Welcome to the Asylum.

8:30 AM – It’s Monday.  Max sits and stares out into the office through her wall-size window. The window makes her feel like she works in a fish tank.  No privacy.  She wonders whose great design that was.  She sees Saul arrive; he’s on crutches.

Seriously, she thinks to herself?

Saul is the boss’s pet (a**kisser is probably more accurate).  And he likes attention…lots of it. She can’t wait to hear what happened.  She’s not going to ask though…his stories are too long and she doesn’t like him anyway.

10:00 AM – Lark wanders into her office.

L: Do you want the scoop (knowing fully well she does)

M: Is that a serious question?

L: He twisted his ankle when he fell off A stair.

M: Wait, what?  A stair? As in ONE stair?

L: Yup.

M: And he’s on crutches for that?

L: I couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Who the hell falls off A stair and winds up on crutches, she wonders.

1:00 PM – It’s 108 degrees outside, but it is so cold in her office Max has to put on her fleece jacket to keep from shivering.  She can’t feel her nose.

2:00 – Max looks up and sees Saul heading down the hall.  He has abandoned the 2 crutch method and is currently using 1 crutch and the cube walls for support.  As he grabs each cube wall, the cube resident jolts from the shock wave Saul creates.

Max bets the entire office hopes the crutches are short lived.

**Stories may or may not be true.  All names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.

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