the asylum

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A building exists in a random city in the middle of nowhere.  Inside this building is a business.  A business with 50 employees.  A business making money and creating products.  Or so they want you to believe. This “business” is actually a social experiment. Employees are legitimately hired and paid. But what the employees don’t know is they are there for one man’s entertainment.  “Supervisors” and extra “employees” have been planted and “real” employees are subjected to beyond absurd situations.  Anyone who stays on board for 2 years will win $2 million.  No one has lasted that long.  Welcome to the Asylum


Episode 3

Today Max discovers her boss is putting together a daily update meeting.  Are you kidding me, she thinks to herself.  She knows exactly what this meeting is about.  Its being put in place for one guy who can’t keep his shit organized.  It’s just going to be 5 minutes her boss promises. Yea right, Max thinks.  When does a meeting around here ever last just a few minutes?


The first “daily update meeting” happens.  The 5 minute meeting goes 45 minutes with Max’s coworker making excuses over and over for why projects are not completed or running behind.  She only speaks once when asked where her projects are. The answer…complete or waiting on the boss for feedback or approval.

Awesome. She has this to look forward to every day.

11:15 Boss is now on a conference call and is SCREAMING into the speaker phone. Max wonders if the boss thinks they can’t hear her because the other party is half way across the country.  Other supervisor on the call is stuttering…which means he is confused and nervous.

2:00 Radio from the mail room wanders in with a sample stack of this month’s brochures.

M: Who are those for?

R: You

M: I told you last month I didn’t need a stack anymore.

Radio just looks at her and then wanders out.  She assumes next month she will again get a stack.  He is clearly not worried about waste…or thinking for that matter.

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