favorite 5 of the week

holidays, mixology, martinis

1. A successful Secret Santa in the office.  Everyone had fun, everyone laughed a little all week and I received a sweet photograph taken by one of my employees.  How he knew I liked black and white photography and ponds I’ll never know.

2. Finding out that even though we don’t have kids to bring to the party, our favorite 6 year old twins were very upset the husband and I might not make their party this year.  I was super happy we made it even if just for a while.

3. Getting our computer back up and running. On our own.  For relatively little money.

4. Sunday morning yoga with the husband.  I successfully led us through 90 minutes of yoga.  I even made him sweat a little!

5. Sunday afternoon mixology with my niece.  The husband was recruited (by me) to mix martinis at my family holiday gathering and my niece helped shake things up.

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