the asylum

asylumA building exists in a random city in the middle of nowhere.  Inside this building is a business.  A business with 50 employees.  A business making money and creating products.  Or so they want you to believe. This “business” is actually a social experiment. Employees are legitimately hired and paid. But what the employees don’t know is they are there for one man’s entertainment.  “Supervisors” and extra “employees” have been planted and “real” employees are subjected to beyond absurd situations.  Anyone who stays on board for 2 years will win $2 million.  No one has lasted that long.  

Welcome to the Asylum

Episode 6

Max wanders over to the little corner kitchen to clean out her cup and load up on more caffeine.  As she rounds the corner, The Boss is standing in front of the fridge with the freezer door open. She has just taken out an Eggo. It is 3:00 in the afternoon, but whatever…it’s about par for course. But she is still standing there with the door open.

Max stands there rinsing out her cup wondering what the hell The Boss is doing.

Suddenly The Boss closes the door and says ‘moji.’ Max looks at her confused and thinks come again? She figures The Boss will say something else to explain the situation. But nope…she just walks away.

What the hell?

Max opens the freezer hoping there is some indication in the freezer to explain what just happened. There is a drink in the freezer with a label that says ‘modjo.’
Awe…it suddenly all makes sense. The boss must have been reading the label but mispronounced it. Max has no idea, however, how The Boss thought a word ending in with an ‘o’ would be pronounced ‘modji.’

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