the asylum

ID-10023154.jpg12:58 – I wanders into the conference room.  I have been asked to attend a webinar about sales lead generation.  I am not in sales…but whatever.

1:05 – The Boss wanders in with her lunch, but no pen or paper.

1:08 – VP Sales Guy finds something in his teeth and spends the next 5 minutes trying to extricate it.

1:11 – The Boss gets on her phone and starts playing a game.  The sound is still on.

1:15 – VP Sales Guy chews on his thumb for 2 minutes.

1:23 – The Boss takes off her scarf, unfolds it, holds it up and looks at it perplexed.  She then licks her thumb and tries to get off the schmeg she dropped on it while eating.

1:27 – VP Sales Guy sends some texts.

1:32 – VP Sales Guy chews on his thumb some more.

1:35 – Webinar speaker announces one lucky listener will win a free sales book.  VP Sales Guy fist pumps.

1:40 – The Boss starts frantically texting during the Q&A.

1:45 – The webinar ends and everyone sits in silence for 2 full minutes.

1:47 – VP Sales Guy thanks the room (I am not sure what for) and I bolt as soon as the door opens.

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