everything is awesome

If you have worked in an office long enough and been forced to listen to the same people talk day in and day out, you begin to notice words and phrases they use over and over. My current cube mate, Thing 1, likes to annoy me with the over use of the word awesome! And yes, it has an exclamation point every god damn time.

Most days I try to ignore the fact that if everything is awesome, then really nothing is awesome. But today during an interaction with IT guy, I started tallying how many times she used the word.

IT guy had apparently produced some report for her, and she thought it was so awesome! that I think she may have peed herself. She called two other people on the phone to come share in the amazement of the report. The celebration lasted for 10 minutes and during this time she said awesome! 11 times, used the phrase “so cool” 6 times and told IT guy it was perfect twice.

Somewhere in the middle, she suggested they high five and a GROUP high five ensued. I’m not positive tell but I’m pretty sure IT guy was thinking what the f**k?

My last thought on the matter before I plugged back in and tuned out was this…if she gets that excited over a report produced by IT, her head must explode every time she has sex.

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