thankful for


20170118_182019-1Do more, achieve more, do better, be a better you. This has been the mind set for a while now. If you spend any time on Facebook, you know your feed is filled with articles about “5 ways to be more organized” or the “4 things you need to do for a better nights sleep.” But this causes us to be in this constant state of be better, get happier, do more.

But why do we find the need to live in this constant state of bettering ourselves?

I understand the need to stay healthy and fit and happy. But what if we instead start to try and figure out how to be happy with ourselves as we already are? So how do we figure out how to avoid this constant thought of “if I could just do this one thing, things would be better”?

I have decided to set myself a challenge of reporting each day on something that makes me happy or thankful. I think it’s even more interesting if I can express these things through imagery, so I will be posting these moments of my daily happy on Instagram.

So many times all we need is right where we are. As we push into a 4 year period of uncertainty and negativity, now, more than ever, we need to figure out how to be content with what we already have.

So today I start with the included photo. I am super thankful that I live in a community with such a great library. I got this sweet swag for reading 3 book in December and January.


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