Dear Kansas City Chiefs….I’m Sorry

We knew that the first game back after the past six months of beyond horrific racial injustices was going to be tough. We knew you had so many thing to take into consideration. So many things to anticipate. And as you took the field Thursday night it was clear you had a vision and a plan for the evening. You had decided how you were going to showcase this and how you were going to take a step towards a little bit of unity.

But then, as the two teams took center field as one, some fans decided to shit all over your plans. And I would like to apologize.

I’m sorry that some didn’t stop to think how much thought and organization had been put behind the moment.

I’m sorry that they didn’t realize how much it meant to all those oppressed and all those who endure injustices every day to see two teams of all different colors come together mid-field.

I’m sorry some didn’t realize that we were only one of a handful of cities that even let fans into stadiums. To see that game in person was a privilege.

I’m sorry that no one stopped to think that this privilege allowed people to work and earn money for one night who may not have worked for over 6 months.

A young quarterback took a stand on Thursday and tried to express what he thought was the right thing to do. And I understand that not everyone is ever going to agree on these issues. But can we keep our negative (and some what jack-ass responses) to ourselves? If we as Kansas City Chiefs fans say we support who may one day become one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, then we need to not make our city look like jack-asses on public television.

Those of us who didn’t boo you on Thursday night also want to say thank you.

Thank you for showing our young generation what it means to stand for something. Even at the risk of being booed.

Thank you for showing my mixed race niece that there are other people out there that look like her who are standing up and trying to make things better.

I’d like to say that we will try to do better and that something like this won’t happen again. But I’m just one person. And we have seen what has happened over the last 6 months.

But what I can say, again, is sorry. And thank you for being brave even in the face of opposition.

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