ground hog day

I posted not too long ago about Captain Energy’s short term memory. Since then I have decided that more times than not its much like that movie Ground Hog Day around my house. After the phone incident it happened again as we were getting ready for a weekend at the lake. My father-in-law has a lake house and we were invited to bring the boys down for a weekend. Once we had told the boys about it, we had then talked about it on numerous occasions throughout the week. We are sitting eating dinner the night before we leave and I tell Mr. Grumpy Pants and Captain Energy that we need to finish packing after dinner. Captain Energy asks what we are packing for. The conversation continues like this:

Me: We’re packing for the lake.

Captain Energy: What lake?

Me: Remember…Jeff’s dad has a lake house?

Captain Energy: Yea

Me: And remember we’re going down to the lake this weekend?

Captain Energy: We’re goin to the lake?

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