this installment is brought you by the letters L, A, I, D, O, F & F

I was recently laid off…about three weeks ago now that I think about it. And i believe (or maybe im just trying to convince myself) ive moved into the funny phase of being laid off. You can only stay mad and worked up so long before it all becomes absurd. So now that I can actually talk about it…here are the top 10 great things about being unemployed.

10. You get to stay in your pajamas as long as you want.

9. I save about $40 a week ($120 so far) on gas…you know, what with no commute.

8. I no longer feel obligated to pay money to wear jeans on so appointed jeans days.

7. I no longer have to worry about what holidays constitute buying gifts for a boss.

6. I haven’t had high heels on in weeks.

5. I haven’t done laundry since i was laid off…I wear the same shit daily and most of the time have on no undergarments.

4. I get to see what my dog does all day…which, in case youre wondering, is sleep.

3. I get to be way more creative..which is sad when my job was about being creative.

2. I dont have to waste most of my day in pointless corporate induced meetings.

1. I get to drink whenever I want.

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