Image courtesy of Sura Nualpradid

I’m a runner.

And while I was not running in Boston at the time of the bombings, the news affected me on a personal level.  I didn’t even know anyone running and was grateful those I knew who did have someone running received good news later that day.  And while I was glued to the footage for a while, I eventually had to turn it off.  I kept thinking how if I HAD been running that day, my husband would have been somewhere at that finish line waiting for me.  And, because I’m slow, I would have been stopped somewhere on that course.  With no idea how to get to my husband.  With no idea if he was okay or not.  And then I would have had to find my way back to him in a foreign city.

A few weekends before Boston, I had run a local 47 mile relay, and for many miles I had been out on the course…alone.  And at the time, all I wanted was to find the next drop point so I could reunite with my crew.  And while I live in a much smaller city, there is still a chance a local crazy could have done the same thing here.  It chills me to the bone.

I’ve only been running for 6 years, but along the way I have found the running community is one of the greatest communities you could ever become a part of.  Whatever age, ability, ethnicity or sex, they support us all.  There is nothing better than to be rounding the corner to the finish line at your slowest time ever and have the runners who finished minutes ahead of you still standing there, cheering you to the end.

Unbeknown to them, the Boston bombers targeted one of the greatest groups of people on the planet.  And that sucks.  But what they also didn’t know is, they targeted one of the STRONGEST groups of people. A group who already knows how to deal with pain and suffering.  Who already knows how to stay strong.  Who already knows how to pull through to the other side.

The bombers had no idea this horrible act of hate and destruction would only make this group of people stronger and more determined.  The races will go on much like they did in my area this weekend, and the runners will continue on with a vengeance.

I’m still sad.  I’m still a little broken.  And I still grieve for those who lost their lives and for those who were wounded.  But today as I ran my 3 miles, I also celebrated the fact that here in America, we still know how to stand strong in the face of terror.


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